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Good to Go Project Case Study

Beneficiaries of the Good to Go Project agree a personal programme of employability skills development support , which might include mentoring, work experience, college trips, visits to the workplace and taster days. The young people then undertake extended placements in the workplace, and invariably go on to a positive progression route to employment. Abbey, who had a mentor, went on an extended placement and then signed up to a college course, would like to share her experience of what the programme did for her...

Why did you choose to join the Good to Go project?

"I wanted to do the Good to Go project because I wanted to gain some skills for work in the future and to help keep myself busy. It was also a new experience to help me learn more skills."

How do you think being on the project has helped you?

"It has occupied me and I feel like I have done something that has been helpful and useful for other people and it has kept me from being stuck indoors thinking, which is not good for my mental health."

How have you gained since joining the programme?

"I am still learning what a full day of work feels like and I am a lot more occupied and I feel really alive."
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What parts have you enjoyed the most?

"I have enjoyed being able to get on with things and being trusted to do everything without the concern of messing up. I have also enjoyed the fact that I have got on with all of the staff and I have enjoyed their company."
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How is your confidence now?

"I am a lot more confident with being able to talk to people more and my communication skills are improving."

What parts have you enjoyed the least?

"I did not enjoy the filing as much as anything else because I find sorting the letters in the right order according to the alphabet very confusing."
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Do you feel different in yourself?

"I feel like the staff trust me more to get on with things and I don’t have to be kept an eye on regularly. I feel like I have more freedom and I trust in what I do a lot more. I feel a lot more matured and I have a lot more general knowledge with little things like how to use spreadsheets, where things are and how to speak to people. I am more independent and I am more able to get on and do things without consistent guidance."