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Computer Science Workshop

What: Introduction to the key concepts of computer science and digital technology
Why: To support the STEM curriculum and schools’ CIAG
When: Any school day between 8 January and 2 February 2018 County Final Thursday 6 February 2018
Where: Challenge days in classroom; County Final in Rochester
How long: Whole day/ Morning
Who: Maximum 32 mainstream students in Year 6 or Key Stage 3 (also suitable for Gifted and Able pupils in year 5)

This challenge introduces students to some of the most important topics and key concepts of computer science and digital technology, developed from the very successful ‘CS Unplugged’ curriculum. No computers are required - all concepts are explained via interactive classroom activities.

Activities can be adapted for small and large groups, and the workshop can cover a morning or a whole school day. Activities chosen on the day will depend on workshop length, age/ability, number of students and available facilities.

All activities require computational thinking, and aim to ensure students understand that computer science is not just about programming and sitting at a keyboard. Most activities require students to exercise their maths skills, in many cases without being aware that they are doing so!
The workshops are offered on a first-come-first-served basis to the first 20 schools applying. The in-school events can be extended to the whole school day if required, for a further charge of £50. For further details please call 01634 204995 or email mebp@btinternet.com