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Geodesic Dome Challenge

What: Design and Make Maths Activity
Why: To provide context and fun to the Maths Curriculum
When: Any school day during the 2018-19 academic year
Where: School Hall
How long: Morning long workshop
Who: KS2, 3 and 4 students – maximum 60

The workshop covers the origins of the geodesic dome, geometric solids, the tetrahedron and icosahedron, testing and evaluating the strength of structures and shapes - students work in teams to builds a scale model, then together to build a large dome.

The activity develops teamwork, design, practical dexterity, communication and decision making skills, and gives maths context in a real world application. The maths element will be tailored to suit the age and ability of the students involved. The age range for each workshop should not span more than two consecutive year groups.
This workshop will be run as a countywide interschool challenge during the 2018-19 academic year, and is also offered as a one off enhancement activity, and. For further details please call 01634 204995 or email info@mebp.org