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Good to Go Project

Reaching Communities Big Lottery Project

The Good to Go Project is a five year programme funded by the National Lottery through their Reaching Communities Fund. The project sets out to support young people through a series of bespoke developmental activities that help them to develop the skills and abilities they need to become productive and contented members of their families and communities. The activities lead to an extended placement in the workplace, where they:

  • improve their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • develop their employability skills
  • increase their ability to assess their own strengths and weaknesses to develop progressive career and life plans

The young people are referred to us by schools, pupil referral units, special education units and training providers, because they are either NEET (Not in Education, Employment of Training) or are in danger of becoming NEET. We are now in the final year of the project and have seen many successes, with the majority of the young people going on to a positive destination. The employers who host them have seen a steady progression, and some have even taken them on as apprentices. (see 2016 evaluation report). We are now seeking follow on funding to develop the project further, to provide the young people with BTEC qualifications, whilst in the workplace, where their host employers will be given intensive support to develop their own businesses, by overcoming the obstacles to taking on an apprentice.