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Risk It Design and Build Technology Challenge

What: Design and Build Enterprise Technology Challenge
Why: Supporting STEM and Enterprise Curriculum
When: Any school day during the 2018-19 academic year
Where: School Hall
How long: One whole school day
Who: KS2 and 3 - Maximum 32
KS4 or 5 – Maximum 60

Students are provided with a challenge brief and components chart a week prior to the event, which requires them to work in teams of four to come up with a design plan for a mechanical/electrical prototype, to a specification. On the day of the challenge they will create a model of the prototype from materials provided, which they ‘buy’ with limited funds. They then present their prototype and marketing ideas to the visiting ‘judge’, who decides the winning team. The winners receive a small prize.

The day is fast paced and fun, and develops students’ awareness and interest in technology as well as enhancing teambuilding, decision making, working against time constraints, financial capability, creativity, design and practical skills.

This workshop is offered as a one off enhancement activity, and will also be run as a countywide interschool challenge during the 2018-19 academic year. For further details please call 01634 204995 or email info@mebp.org