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Young Eco Engineers

YEE involves children, usually in year six or seven, guided by teachers and local engineers, to design and build electric cars from kits. They work over the course of two or three terms, usually in lunch time or after school clubs, and then take part in the race days in June.

The pupils complete work books, which logs the journey they take from building the car from a kit, to designing and making the bodywork and their team kits, reusing and recycling materials. Completion of the work books provides evidence for Bronze CREST Awards.

We expect at least 50 cars to race next year, in the exciting finale to the project. The pupils earn awards for the best team work, best log book, smartest team, best designed car and fastest car – scores for these elements are accumulated to decide on each race days’ Grand Champion.

The project’s main sponsors are National Grid LNG Grain, Dephi Technologies and IMechE. Other local engineers provide the in-school technical support.

Schools are still signing up to be involved next year – ask us for details.